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Preserving Optimum Performance in Exceptional Horses
Join the winning herd!

                        is our business.
Hoof In Hand® treats
a variety of conditions in horses - from physical to emotional - from birth to old age.

For optimum performance, whether in competition, on the trail, or with an aging equine; complementary therapies are vital to your horse's health. 

Our techniques use the hands, fingers and thumbs at the key points on the equine body in a gentle, non-invasive treatment that many horses seem to find relaxing and enjoyable. 

Treatment unusually requires several consecutive sessions to bring the healing processes to full potential.

An ongoing program of equine massage can add years of optimum health and wellness to your horse and can reduce the need for more invasive therapies or medical treatments.

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EMAIL: melissaellenpenn@gmail.com

Your horse will love you for it!


Horses communicate with remarkable clarity - through their language of posture, gesture and sound.  For a trained and sensitive healer, such as Melissa E. Penn of Hoof in Hand® each equine expresses its needs, wishes and emotions to their herd, to other horses and to those rare humans who understands them. 

Horses rely on their herd to understand them.  Horses without a herd are at a loss to communicate to and understand the world around them.  This causes stress, often frustration, and can lead to damaging behavior.

Hoof in Hand® Equine Healing Services helps humans to understand their horses, and helps equines through difficult transitions, new training routines, and changes of ownership by using the universal healing language: touch.  In addition a variety of complementary modalities are used, when indicated, to assist in obtaining the most optimum performance for you and your horse.
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Equine Sports Massage
  • Equine Therapeutic Massge
  • Integrated Balance Therapy
  • Emotional Healing and Balancing 
    • for horse and rider
  • Referrals to Specialists
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