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Hoof in Hand Services
OUR SERVICES          $85.00/hour 

is a technique of laying on of hands.  Using a variety of methods developed by leading experts of the horse world; Hoof in Hand® works to restore health and balance to your horse's body, mind and spirit.  Healing is assisted through gentle manipulation of muscle and fascia.  Tendons and ligaments are stretched and eased.  Bruises and sprains are alleviated through lymphatic massage and drainage.

Especially useful for recently acquired horses, horses in transition of for general immune system enhancement.

Stimulates the nerves that carry messages via the central nervous system to the brain, restores circulation, and helps reprogram areas of trauma to optimal health.  Helps to ease tensions in muscles that are becoming overworked due to compensating for injury and keeps them from becoming injured themselves.

is a technique developed by Dr. Lauren DeRock, DMV.  This modality uses methods from Chinese acupressure, and modern chiropractic techniques as well as common horse sense - it is one of the best methods I've found to straighten a crooked horse.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES®  $40/profile  With rider $55

Created in 1938 by Dr. Edward Bach, a British medical specialist, these 38 remedies balance the emotions and treat the negative emotional patterns that can lead to disease.  The healing powers of the Bach Flowers Remedies are well documented through intensive case studies and publications; and continue to be through the efforts of the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, England.  Bach Flower Remedies are a well-established complementary healing modality throughout the world.

As these non-toxic healing essences are made, in most cases, from flowers and sunlight, there are no negative side effects even when an incorrect remedy is given.  Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

The remedies only work on the emotional body and only address those states which are negative and harmful - conditions that are the precursor to destructive degeneration in the body - as the mind thinks, the body follows.

Past traumatic events such as falls, illness, or bad treatment can leave lingering emotional patterns that can prevent a full interaction between horse and rider, or in some cases can cause serious destructive behavior patterns.  Bach Flowers can and do treat these patterns, and over time, can remove them completely.

New situations, competitions,  or pregnancy are just some of the situations that cause stress in the emotional realm; and thus to the physical body.  Bach Flowers help ease a horse or rider through change, and when used by horse and rider create a full integration and flow of emotions between them.  The result: an increase in performance, and a more joyful and expressive experience of life.

The remedies are used with great success throughout the global equine community.  Proper use of the Bach Flower Remedies® can remove past patterns that hinder training, cause fear or prevent future success.

Essential Oils stimulate healing, and can rejuvenate, relax or calm a horse depending upon the oils used.  Knowledge of the properties of aroma therapy can assist both horses and riders during tough competitions, endurance riding, or travel, to name but a few uses.

Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese healing.  It's simple, non-invasive technique causes no stress to the animal and when used with other forms of healing, greatly enhances their efficacy.  Reiki can be used as a long distance method as well, when on-site work is not possible.  Reiki can also be used to remove past life traumas.
So many specialist - so little time to find the perfect match for you and your horse! 
If Hoof in Hand® can't assist you, we have compiled a trusted group of equine professionals who can.  Just ask us.

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