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When a horse puts its hoof in our hands, it forms a healing bond
that brings forth the best of horse and human. 

We at Hoof in Hand® are dedicated to providing the finest care to
every horse and rider.

Four feet, wind shod,

move o'er ground as birds through sky;

Thunder sounds in response

as they pass by.

M.E. Penn ©2008

"One can never, through violence, cause the horse to perfect the manner in which it expresses its skill,
but only by delicate coaxing and subtle
demanding, between much praise and little punishment."

Colonel Alois Podhajsky, the former director of the Spanish RIding School in Vienna, Austria

"Thou must learn the thoughts of the noble horse whom thou wouldst ride.  Be not indiscreet in the demands, nor requiring him to perform indiscreetly.  The horse is a wise animal.  Let him show you the best and most natural way to accomplish a desired end."

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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